Trademark Protection in Bangladesh is governed by the Trade Marks Act, 2009 & Trade Marks Rules, 1963. Trademark protection is obtained by registration.

Trademark registration classification:

Nice Classification


  • Name,address,nationality and status of the Applicant. 
  • List of goods/services according to the International Classification.
  • Name of the Mark /Logo/Device prints or representation.
  • A non-legalized power of attorney is sufficient.


  • The application is to be filed with the Departments of Patents, Designs and Patents(DPDT)
  • A separate application has to be filed for each class
  • After receiving the application registrar examines the trademark for 2 issues: a) distinctiveness and b) general compliance with the requirements of the Law.
  • The trademark application accepted by the Registrar will be published in the “Trademarks Journal”.
  • If there is no opposition, the Registrar is obliged to issue a Certificate of Registration for the trademark on payment of the prescribed fee.

Duration and Renewal: A trademark registration is valid for 7 years.The registration is renewable for periods of 10 years.


 Fee Structure 
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