Teams of professionals, competent in both technical and legal matters, supported by a staff of more than 50 expert collaborators, who plan the best protection strategies, to safeguard the rights of the holders and of their patents. For their undisputed seriousness and in-depth preparation, long appreciated and recognized, the collaborators of RBC are welcome guests on the occasion of lectures and seminars. They can also boast many years of experience in teaching the subject of intellectual property, in both university and postgraduate course.

 Our Team Of Professionals

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Ayman Abu-Ghazaleh
Mohamed Daghistani
Rami Khaiat
Reema Moghrabi
Chirstine Montero
Acelina Mar Araújo
Candice Riel
Kadeejathul Naseema
Ishaq Ahmed Al Rais
David Wilson
Janine Rubin
Ramzy Kaied
Mohamed Masroujeh
Raghib Abu-Ghazaleh
Katherine Bland
Brian Stafford
Kelly McLaren
Bashar Khufash
Susan Follea
Susan Scott
Sara Douglas
Charlotte Symons
Mary Neal
Vivian Roberts
cliff Richlynn
John Richardso